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AdBlock Version 4.16.0: Fix for YouTube Ad Blocking Issues


The latest version of AdBlock successfully blocks YouTube ads and removes the white screen overlay some users were seeing on YouTube…
How Ad Blockers Work (And Why They Sometimes Don’t) On Your Favorite Websites


Seeing ads on YouTube even with an ad blocker installed? Find out why it’s happening and learn what you can do to help.
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AdBlock is hiring a Product Manager to help make the web a safer, less distracting place for our users.
Dear AdBlock: What is the “Anonymous Filter List Usage Data” Option?

【VPN】免费无限制访问所有国外网站-自带VpN加速功能最 ...:2021-5-21 · 软件不用什么设置,进去输入你想进的网站网址就可以了[勉强][玫瑰] 【应用名称】:Tenta 浏览器汉化版 【应用版本】:3.1.6

What happens if I “Allow AdBlock to collect anonymous filter list usage data, and information about content blocked by filter lists”?
How To Skip Ads On YouTube

How To Skip Ads On YouTube

AdBlock allows you to skip YouTube ads everywhere, including pre-roll and mid-roll video ads.
3 Ways to Use AdBlock For More Than Blocking Ads

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We designed AdBlock so you can set it and forget it. But don’t let that fool you: AdBlock is a powerful tool for customizing the internet.
Introducing Custom Image Swap for AdBlock Premium


AdBlock Premium now comes with a highly requested feature: Custom Image Swap! Use AdBlock Premium to replace some ads with your own images.
How To Remove Adware From Chrome

How To Remove Adware From Chrome

Seeing the same ad everywhere you go online? You might have adware. Here’s how to remove adware in Chrome and protect yourself online.
The Ad Blocker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Significant Locations

The Ad Blocker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Significant Locations

The Significant Locations feature is a reminder that the devices we carry around with us every day keep an insane amount of data about us.
What’s Going On With Sponsored Posts On Facebook?

What’s Going On With Sponsored Posts On Facebook?

Find out more about sponsored posts on Facebook and what AdBlock is doing to help you get rid of them!
15 Ways AdBlock Makes Browsing The Web Noticeably Better

15 Ways AdBlock Makes Browsing The Web Noticeably Better

Did you know AdBlock blocks an average of 352 ads per day for each user? Find out more about how AdBlock makes the internet a better place!
Introducing AdBlock Stats


The AdBlock Stats feature allows users to easily track how many ads and third-party trackers they’ve blocked over time.
AdBlock’s Favorite Tips for Remote Work

AdBlock’s Favorite Tips for Remote Work

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